Clean Solutions LLC

We also offer other services to our clients:

- Fresh water

- Heated fresh water

- 10lbs salt water

- Tank clean outs

- Oil recovery buy back options

We are a leading competitor in the fluid waste industry. Protecting our clients is our first priority, as our plant operations continuously meets all state regulations including the Board of Oil & Gas, Department of Environmental Quality, and the Environmental Pollution Control.

Saltwater  -  Wastewater  -  Production Water Management 

Salt Water Disposal Wells

Compliant Waste Water Disposal

Our plant facility boasts some of the biggest and most effective pieces of fluid processing machines in the industry.  All of the automated equipment is located in a central operating room to easily monitor temperatures, pressures, fluid flow, tank levels, and processing speeds.  The automation and computer system results in a drastic reduction in overhead, and increases processing speeds by 40%.

Roosevelt County

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The plant has its own in-house laboratory, which enables our experienced staff to fully understand each fluid type coming into our facility which includes PH levels, oil recovery, H2s monitoring, and chemical treatment.  As a result, we can help our clients understand their fluid problems as well.  We have our own Class 2 injection well which is capable of exceeding 7,000 barrels per day making it one of the highest rated injection wells in the Bakken Oil Basin.  The well is monitored by the Board of Oil & Gas.

Clean Solutions LLC

Mud Processing Plant

Expert Mud processing

Clean Solutions is consistently molding to the oil industry striving to take on the hardest tasks. Some of the fluids we offer to dispose of are:

- Flow-Back

- Frac tank clean outs

- Tank bottoms

- Oil based mud

- Invert - Able to process and returned the

  diesel back to the client

- Emergency clean-ups

- Slop oil - Able to process and clean to a

  sell grade

- Rig fluids

- Frac gel

- TEENORM Impacted material

  decontaminate piping, tank bottoms what

  North Dakota can't handle